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Build a Prosperous Business: 12-Week Soul-Led Development Program with Lifetime Access

Empower your business journey with our 12-Week Soul-Led Development Program, designed for growth-oriented professionals ready to awaken and cultivate their inner greatness to build a prosperous, conscious business.

Enjoy lifetime access to all materials, ensuring continuous growth and transformation.

What Awaits You:

🌟 Tailored Guidance: Personalized coaching aligned with your deepest aspirations and business goals.

πŸš€ Tangible Results: Blend spiritual principles with practical strategies to achieve concrete business outcomes.

🀝 Authentic Connections: Connect with a community of like-minded soul-led professionals.

🌐 Soul-Business Alignment: Utilize a conscious business model infused with your soul’s purpose.

πŸŽ“ Personalized Journey: Lifetime access to materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

🌈 Nurturing Environment: Balance progress and introspection for holistic growth.


What’s on the Agenda:

Module 1: πŸ” Awakening Your Inner Greatness for Business Success: Defining your β€œWhy”

Module 2: 🌟 Client Alchemy: Attracting Your Ideal Soul Clients

Module 3: 🎁 Sacred Offerings: Crafting Your Irresistible Services

Module 4: πŸ’¬ Authentic Expression: Crafting Your Core Message & Power Statement

Module 5: πŸ“ Success Blueprint: Designing Your Unique Path to Prosperity

Module 6: ☯️ Rhythms of Balance: Cultivating Harmony in Your Daily Habits

Module 7: 🀝 Nurturing Connections: Elevating the Client Experience with Heart-Centered CRM

Module 8: πŸ—Ί Strategic Mapping: Creating Your Aligned Game Plan for Success

Module 9: πŸ“– Genuine Storytelling: Sharing Your Journey Authentically

Module 10: πŸ’ž Deepening Connections: Using a win-win-win perspective to empower relationships

Module 11: πŸͺ„Β Collaborative Magic: Co-Creating with Like-Minded Souls

Module 12: ✨ Client Advocacy: Empowering Your Clients as Ambassadors of your β€œWHY”

Module 13: 🌱 Sustainable Inspiration: Cultivating Focus and Inner Harmony for Long-Term Success


Key Features:

πŸ”Ή 13 Powerful Modules: Covering topics from defining your β€œWhy” to empowering clients as ambassadors.

πŸ”Ή 9 Interactive Deep Dive Sessions: 90-minute Zoom sessions for deeper understanding and integration.

πŸ”Ή Dedicated Support Forum: Private community for guidance and support.

πŸ”Ή Lifetime Access: Continuous access to materials, worksheets, and resources.

πŸ”Ή Transformative Guided Meditations: Nurture inner harmony and business success.

πŸ”Ή Limiting Belief Questionnaires: Overcome barriers with guided questions for reflection.


VIP Option available

Unlock exclusive support with our VIP Option.

Receive 1:1 personalized coaching throughout the program, including 3 additional private breakthrough sessions and priority support via Voxer.

Limited availability.

Book a complimentary call with Anik to see if this is the right fit for your goals. Chat with Anik

Conscious Businesses will lead the next paradigm Shifts says Forbes

Client Testimonials:

“My mentorship experience with Anik was transformative. Through her dynamic approach, I gained invaluable insights into my business and personal growth. Highly recommended!” – Pavle Luger, Evolucoaching

“Anik’s guidance has been instrumental in my journey towards success. She brought awareness to my blindspots and helped me identify what’s holding me back in the area of “I don’t know that I don’t know”. She helped me identify and overcome obstacles, leading to accelerated growth and clarity in my endeavors.” – John Romanowich, CEO – SightLogix

“I had an eye-opening breakthrough session with Anik. Her skillful approach in uncovering limiting beliefs and providing clarity was truly transformative. Thank you, Anik, for your guidance!” – Lana Cottreau

“Anik is an amazing instructor and mentor. Since taking her Conscious-preneur program my clientele has quadrupled and continues to grow. I highly recommend this course.” ~ Pattie Howe, Integrative Health Practitioner

“I highly recommend Anik’s business program. Β Her business and energy work experience made this program a complete package. Β Not only did she provide me with tangible business tips that I could put into practice right away, her knowledge of Energy Psychology made her feedback priceless. Β I am extremely grateful that I investment my time, my energy & my money in this program!” ~ Charlene Savoie, Naturopath

“Anik has been instrumental in helping me stay focused on my goals for my business. Her supportive no nonsense way of clearing my fears and pushing me past the obstacles I let get in my way have been key to me moving forward and growing my business. Anik’s business knowledge and drive serve as an example to me, her mentorship and training have helped me learn how to clearly go after what I dream of achieving and manifesting in my business and life.” ~ Kimberly Eagles, Owner – Chaos Solutions & Best Selling Author


Flexible Payment Plans Available – Contact us today!: Contact Us for Details

Seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and prosperity.

Limited spots available. Reserve your seat now and unlock the full potential of your soul-led business with lifetime access to all materials.

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Clarity & Purpose: Defining your “Why”
πŸ” Clarity & Purpose: Β Unveil your soul's mission, vision, and purpose to align your business with authentic direction and clarity. Dive deep into self-discovery exercises to clarify your unique path and business direction.

Client Alchemy: Attracting Your Ideal Soul Clients
🌟 Client Alchemy: Learn strategies to attract and connect with your ideal soul clients, fostering meaningful relationships and mutual growth. Explore techniques for understanding your target audience and crafting messaging that resonates with their needs and values.

Sacred Offerings: Crafting Your Irresistible Services
🎁 Sacred Offerings: Craft irresistible services rooted in authenticity and aligned with your soul's purpose, enhancing client satisfaction and business success. Explore methods for identifying and packaging your unique offerings in a way that deeply resonates with your audience.

Authentic Expression: Crafting Your Core Message & Power Statement
πŸ’¬ Authentic Expression: Develop your core message and power statement to communicate your unique value proposition with clarity and conviction. Dive into exercises to uncover your authentic voice and articulate your message in a way that captivates and inspires your audience.

Success Blueprint: Designing Your Unique Path to Prosperity
πŸ“ Success Blueprint: Design a personalized path to prosperity, honouring your values and aligning with your soul's purpose, ensuring sustainable growth and fulfillment. Create a strategic roadmap outlining your goals, action steps, and milestones for success.

Rhythms of Balance: Cultivating Harmony in Your Daily Habits
⏰ Rhythms of Balance: Cultivate harmony in your daily habits and routines to maintain balance and well-being while pursuing your business goals. Explore techniques for managing your time, energy, and priorities to prevent burnout and optimize productivity.

Nurturing Connections: Elevating the Client Experience with Heart-Centered CRM
🀝 Nurturing Connections: Elevate the client experience through heart-centred CRM practices, fostering trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships. Learn how to deepen connections with your clients by providing exceptional service, personalized support, and genuine care.

Strategic Mapping: Creating Your Aligned Game Plan for Success
πŸ—Ί Strategic Mapping: Set clear goals, implement effective strategies, and track progress toward your vision to create an aligned game plan for success. Develop a strategic roadmap that outlines actionable steps for achieving your business objectives.

Genuine Storytelling: Sharing Your Journey Authentically
πŸ“– Genuine Storytelling: Share your journey authentically to connect with your audience on a deeper level, inspiring trust and loyalty. Explore the power of storytelling to build emotional connections and convey your brand's values, mission, and vision.

Deepening Connections: Strengthening Relationships with a win-win-win perspective
πŸ’ž Deepening Connections: Foster open communication, empathy, and understanding to strengthen relationships with your clients. Explore techniques for building rapport, resolving conflicts, and creating a supportive environment for mutual growth and success.

Collaborative Magic: Co-Creating with Like-Minded Souls
🌐 Collaborative Magic: Harness the power of collaboration to co-create with like-minded individuals, expanding your impact and opportunities for growth. Learn how to cultivate strategic partnerships, leverage collective wisdom, and create synergy through collaborative efforts.

Client Advocacy: Empowering Your Clients as Ambassadors
🌟 Client Advocacy: Empower your clients as ambassadors for your soul mission. Explore strategies for cultivating client advocacy, encouraging feedback, and creating memorable experiences that inspire others in how you embody your purposeful work.

Sustainable Inspiration: Cultivating Focus and Inner Harmony for Long-Term Success
🌱 Sustainable Inspiration:  Implement sustainable practices that nurture your well-being and creativity to cultivate focus and inner harmony for long-term success. Explore techniques for managing stress, maintaining work-life balance, and cultivating a supportive environment that continues to inspire and motivate you.

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