Ascension Academy

Rising Together through self-mastery

Welcome to Ascension Academy

Mission: Rising together through self-mastery.

Ascension Academy is for soul-led professionals who desire to thrive in life and business without compromising themselves.

Since 2012, founder Anik Malenfant has been empowering soul-led individuals to become leaders in their lives by teaching intuitive discernment to develop self-trust and overcome the fear that holds you back.

Now, she is on a global mission as our collective moves forward into an evolved community built on love, compassion, and unity. 

Ascension Academy is a sacred space for collaboration, providing the guidance you need on your journey to self-mastery. Our community of vetted professionals are masters of their craft. They are passionate about our mission to elevate humankind, with each member contributing their unique gifts to support you with the higest integrity.

Here at Ascension Academy our focus is to help you:

  • Feel empowered to create your life purposefully, healing self-defeating patterns 
  • Speak your heart’s truth openly, clearly, and with confidence
  • Achieve your goals and dreams with flow and purpose
  • Lead your life intentionally through self-mastery
  • Create a positive impact

Why Ascension Academy? 

  • A safe space for growth seekers with vetted professionals
  • Led by dedicated masters in their respective fields who are committed to supporting our community.
  • An algorithm-free way to connect and support each other on our own terms.

What do I get at Ascension Academy?

  • Flexible options: choose what lines up for you while staying connected to the AA community forum.
  • Access to exclusive training opportunities led by experienced experts.
  • Community support: access to our community forum, a judgement-free zone for soul-led professionals from all walks of life.

YOU have the power within you. We will help you tap into your soul’s unstoppable capacity.

Feel supported and surrounded with the ressources, training and the community you need by your side.

Together we rise!

Explore Resources & Meet our Trusted Peers Below





ThetaHealing® is a life-changing modality that helps you overcome the subconscious beliefs that limit your potential. With Anik’s unwavering passion and commitment to personal growth, you can experience the transformative power of ThetaHealing®.

Trust yourself to make purposeful decisions, break free from fear, and witness the Universe working in your favor. Empower your mindset for consistent success and vibrant health. Prepare yourself for a journey of personal growth and fulfillment with Anik and ThetaHealing®.


    Growth Mentorship Program

    Meet Your Mentors

    It takes a village. Your journey will lead you to many teachers and guides. The Ascension Academy community cultivates various approaches and tools to create a hybrid of support. Below are our collaborators, each a master in their craft, and the embodiment of the high standard of professionalism and ethics we expect from our valued partners. Together, we will help you take that next step.

    Anik Malenfant, Founder –  Ascension Academy

    For over a decade Anik has empowered hundreds of soul-led professionals by helping them supercharge their income and impact without compromising themselves.

    She leads others in building a conscious life and business model so they can acheive fulfillment by seamlessly interating their spiritual nature into their personal and professional pursuits.

    Anik, a survivor turned thriver, fought against abuse, illness, and inner emptiness. Despite a successful career in finance, she broke free from a destructive struggle paradigm. In 2012, she took a leap of faith, trusting her heart’s lead and it paid off.

    She created a life she never though possible for herself, reached goals she didn’t dare speak, and found a deep connection with her soul that fuels her forward. Through her transformative journey, Anik discovered a roadmap to freedom. Now, she shares it with you—no need to settle or suffer.

    The world needs you to embrace your unique purpose. Anik, having felt the yearning for more, is here to guide you to more joy, love, and freedom.



    I just had my Breakthrough Session this morning and it was eye opening and expansive. Anik is so skilled and tunning right in and getting things done, uncovering limiting beliefs and clearing them out, bringing me clarity:) Also she leaves you knowing how to take steps to move forward.. Thank you Anik so much! You are a true gift 🙂

    ~Lan Cottreau

    Anik helps me identify what’s holding me back in the area of “I don’t know that I don’t know”. She brings awareness to my blindspots that allow me to have accelerated growth and provides powerful tools for self discovery. I’d recommend Anik to people who are already self aware but want to grow to the next level.

    ~John Romanowich

    The session was magic. I felt so so good after. Recommend it to anyone

    ~Suzann Fraser

    Anik is the best mentor and healer!! She never fails to make me feel whole, supported and grounded especially through my tough times. I am so grateful ❤

    ~Stephanie Kaspiris

    As always, Anik never disappoints. She is always bang on when getting to the root of the problem. Working with Anik has been life changing for me. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to book a one on one with her 💕

    ~Tina Lutes

    Wow! Anik is a beautiful soul. Within the first few minutes, I knew that I was in a safe space. Within 6 minutes, I had a major Aha Moment.

    I’m so looking forward to working more with Anik in the near future!

    ~Bev Chapman

    I feel so grateful to have chosen Anik and her coaching for this healing journey I’m on . Each session amazes me with her guidance, insight, intuition, wisdom , humor and expertise expressed in so many ways and modalities. I’m experiencing miraculous shifts that previously felt impossible. Thank you Anik 😊 💓!

    ~Sue Walker

    I just finished a 6 month program with Anik. Was it easy, no, was it worth it, that is a big yes! I have learned so much and I know for a fact that my life is transforming into something beautiful.

    Getting out of my comfort zone is the most beautiful gift I could have ever given myself. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to have Anik as a coach. Thank you Anik.

    ~Rachel Despres

    I slept like a baby for the first time in years, unmedicated after my last session. Thank you !

    ~Lori Spilman

    I slept like a baby for the first time in years, unmedicated after my last session. Thank you !

    ~Lori Spilman

    I’m soooo looking forward to this new journey that life has enstored for me! thank you for giving me not only my life back. I give you praise for being caring and compassionate and understanding. Trauma will not be part of my new story:D and all this because of you 😀


    Kara Melendy Akashic Astrologer

    Kara Melendy

    Kara Melendy has supported thousands of lightworkers, healers, and starseeds in aligning with their highest path for abundance, impact, and freedom by tapping into Cosmic Intelligence.

    She is an Astrologer, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, and also holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. Wisdom from each of these modalities is incorporated into her work.

    Kara has gone from struggling entrepreneur who was overwhelmed with debt and confused about her purpose, to multi 6-figure business queen, deeply aligned with her soul’s work on the planet.

    She’s on a mission to help as many lightworkers as possible do the same!

    Kara combines spiritual practices, cosmic wisdom, and psychological tools to help you elevate into true wealth, create a big impact with your healing gifts and message, and connect with your highest timeline for this life journey!

    She lives by the ocean with her tuxedo cat and hubby, and considers herself a mermaid at heart!


      I knew I was being called to the Akashic Records. I had a brief introduction to them but didn’t know the true power they held until I took Kara’s Become a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner course. I believed that deepening my knowledge and experience in this sacred space would transform my life and the lives of my clients. I was right. Kara must have taught this in other lifetimes because her passion and knowledge is profound. I am grateful I answered the call and so happy she was my guide.

      ~ Michelle Froedge,
      The Rockstar Coach

      Working with Kara in the space of the Akashic Records was safe and transformative. Her strong professional background in psychology built immediate trust and a feeling of safety in this space. I gained confidence in accessing other realms and dimensions and it was here that I was awakened to my gift of channeling tones from the galactic realms.

      ~ Joan McEwan

      Transformational Health & Wellness expert for female entrepreneurs

      Terry Lee Landry

      What Terry shares with the world is done with the highest integrity and heart-based intention.

      With extensive professional training in the healing arts and over a decade of experience, Terry is truly a Master of his craft.  He is a gifted intuitive, and many feel an immediate wave of peace simply by being with his grounded presence. His capacity to hold therapeutic space for you to heal is exceptional.

      Terry has supported hundreds to reclaim inner peace and clarity when they have lost their way or forgotten who they truly are. 


        I have Major Manic Depression with periods of Psychosis and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder…  I was in a state of anxiousness and unable to concentrate or focus on anything, including things that I previously enjoyed doing. I was also having a hard time to sleep, as my brain would not slow down…  I decided to have a private session with Terry. Almost immediately I felt a burden had been lifted from my body and brain. I feel 100% better now!  I would definitely recommend sound healing to anyone wanting to release stress, anxiety or just wanting to have a sense of well-being.  I highly recommend Sound healing and Terry’s soft spoken manner is definitely a bonus!

        ~Linda Roy

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