ThetaHealing®️ Foundations

USD $777.00

The Foundation Bundle kickstarts your journey to abundant living by demolishing mental blocks and developing the tools you need to start create a life that makes your soul sing! Includes the first 2 ThetaHealing Seminars + 3 Months of Mentorship.


The ThetaHealing®️ Foundations Bundle kickstarts your growth and evolution by easily releasing your blocks and teaching you the tools you need to create a life that makes your soul sing!

The ThetaHealing®️ Foundations bundle includes:

  • The Empowerment Reboot Series
  • ThetaHealing®️ Basic DNA Certification
  • ThetaHealing®️Advanced DNA Certification
  • Mastering Ascension Portal – 3-month access to our online mentorship program (live & replays)
    • Meet twice a month for deep-level healing
    • Access to my top digital programs
    • Mentorship from Anik – Post your challenges in our forum for support!

The Basic & Advanced Seminars are live and interactive and run 2.5 days each.

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Individual Seminar(s)

$488 USD (each)

You will learn all the tools you need and receive support from me and the community in this bundle. You will learn how to break down your mental, emotional and energetic blocks so you can effortlessly create a life of abundance, authenticity, and deep fulfillment in your purpose.

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