You & Your Soul-Led Business Development Program

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Cultivate soulful success with our 12-week Soul-Led Development Program, designed for professionals seeking harmony between purpose and prosperity. Experience personalized guidance, authentic connections, and tangible results as you clarify your mission, empower clients, and achieve meaningful impact. Reserve your seat now for a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment


Unlock Your Soul-Led Success: Join Our 12-Week Transformational Program

Are you ready to align your professional journey with your soul’s purpose and unlock the true potential of your business?

Step into a realm of profound growth and purpose with our 12-week Soul-Led Development Program, meticulously crafted for soul-led professionals like you.


What Awaits You:

🌟 Tailored Guidance for Your Unique Path: Experience personalized coaching meticulously tailored to resonate with your deepest aspirations, guiding you towards your distinct goals with precision and clarity.

🚀 Tangible Results, Your Way: Achieve concrete, tangible outcomes by seamlessly blending profound spiritual principles with practical strategies meticulously customized to perfectly align with your business ambitions.

🤝 Forge Authentic Connections: Connect with a vibrant community of soul-led professionals, cultivating genuine relationships and garnering invaluable support to navigate your individual journey with confidence and clarity.

🌐 Align Your Soul with Your Business: Unlike conventional programs, we don’t just provide guidance; we meticulously align every facet of your business model with the essence of your soul’s purpose, ensuring holistic success and fulfillment.

🎓 Personalized Journey at Your Pace: Embrace a personalized expedition that honors your individual rhythm and process, ensuring a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

🌈 An Atmosphere of Nurturing and Growth: Immerse yourself in an environment where your path to prosperity is nurtured, striking the perfect balance between progress and introspection as you journey towards your highest potential.


What’s on the Agenda:

Module 1: 🔍 Clarity & Purpose: Unveiling Your Mission, Vision & Purpose

Module 2: 🌟 Client Alchemy: Attracting Your Ideal Soul Clients

Module 3: 🎁 Sacred Offerings: Your Irresistible Services & Products

Module 4: 💬 Authentic Expression: Crafting Your Core Message & Power Statement

Module 5: 📝 Success Blueprint: Designing Your Unique Path to Prosperity

Module 6: ⏰ Rhythms of Balance: Cultivating Harmony in Your Daily Habits

Module 7: 🤝 Nurturing Connections: Elevating the Client Experience with Heart-Centered CRM

Module 8: 🗺 Strategic Mapping: Creating Your Aligned Game Plan for Success

Module 9: 📖 Genuine Storytelling: Sharing Your Journey Authentically

Module 10: 💞 Deepening Connections: Strengthening Relationships with Your Clients

Module 11: 🌐 Collaborative Magic: Co-Creating with Like-Minded Souls

Module 12: 🌟 Client Advocacy: Empowering Your Clients as Ambassadors

Module 13: 🌱 Sustainable Inspiration: Cultivating Focus and Inner Harmony for Long-Term Success


Key Features:

🔹 13 Powerful Modules: Dive deep into transformative topics ranging from clarifying your purpose to empowering your clients as ambassadors, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of your soul-led journey.

🔹 9 Interactive Deep Dive Sessions: Engage in immersive 90-minute sessions conducted online via Zoom, designed to deepen your understanding and integration of each module for tangible results.

🔹 Dedicated Support Forum: Access a private online community where you can seek guidance, share insights, and receive ongoing support from both peers and our expert team throughout your journey.

🔹 Lifetime Access to Resources: Enjoy continuous access to module materials, worksheets, and resources, empowering you to revisit key concepts and continue your growth journey at your own pace.

🔹 Transformative Guided Meditations: Experience profound healing and alignment with supportive guided meditations meticulously crafted to nurture your inner harmony and catalyze your business success.

🔹 Limiting Belief Questionnaires: Identify and overcome barriers to your success with targeted questionnaires designed to uncover and address limiting beliefs, empowering you to move forward with confidence and clarity.

🔹Accompanying Worksheets and Guides: Access comprehensive resources to complement each module, empowering you to deepen understanding and implement key concepts in your daily practice, fostering lasting transformation.

Client Testimonials:

“Anik’s guidance has been instrumental in my journey towards success. She helped me identify and overcome obstacles, leading to accelerated growth and clarity in my endeavors.” – John Romanowich, CEO – SightLogix

“My mentorship experience with Anik was transformative. Through her dynamic approach, I gained invaluable insights into my business and personal growth. Highly recommended!” – Pavle Luger, Evolucoaching

“I urge everyone who has a dream to take this program. Anik will inspire you to take divine action toward your heart’s desire and efficiently teach you how to put lessons into practice…Anik helps foster your self-confidence and shows you how simple building your dream actually is. One of the best investments l’ve made!” ~ Kristy Collicut, RHN

“I highly recommend taking the Conscious Preneur program with Anik. Her business and energy work experience made this program a complete package.Not only did she provide me with tangible business tips that I could put into practice right away, her knowledge of my field (Energy Psychology) made her feedback priceless.I am extremely grateful that I invested my time, my energy & my money in this program! ~ Charlene Savoie, Naturopath

“Anik is an amazing instructor and mentor. Since taking her program my clientele has quadrupled and continues to grow. I highly recommend her.” ~ Pattie Howe, Integrative Health Practitioner


Payment Plans Available: Contact Us for Details

Seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and prosperity as yoi unlock the full potential of your soul-led business.

Doors open at the end of May 2024, secure your spot today, limited spots open to provide an intimate setting and a high level of support.

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