Spiritual Mentorship – Soul-led Evolution

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Discover empowerment and growth with the Spiritual Mentorship Program. Bi-monthly live group healing sessions, personalized mentorship, and a vibrant community await. Join us today, your evolution awaits.


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Welcome to your Soul-led Evolution

Step into the transformative embrace of my mentorship program, where every seeker is welcomed into a sanctuary of growth and empowerment. Here, amidst kindred spirits, you’ll shed the weight of limitations and immerse yourself in a journey of profound self-discovery and expansion.

Your Journey Awaits

In our collective, you’ll find personalized guidance and mentorship from me, Anik Malenfant, with over a decade of experience leading soul-led professionals to reach their personal and professional goals without compromising themselves. I’m here to light your path and fuel your evolution, helping you navigate your personal and professional journey with clarity and purpose.

Engage in our bi-monthly group healing sessions, where we come together to foster deep-level healing, seed goals, and clear blocks to your growth and betterment. These gatherings are more than just sessions; they’re transformative experiences where shared insights and collective healing abound.

Unlock access to our top digital programs, carefully curated to support your inner growth journey and empower your self-mastery. Immerse yourself in transformative content that aligns with your soul-led path, accelerating your personal and professional evolution.

Explore our extensive healing meditation library, filled with guided meditations designed to facilitate healing, relaxation, and inner alignment. Cultivate a regular meditation practice to enhance your well-being, deepen your connection with yourself, and align with your soul’s purpose.

Navigate your inner landscape with clarity and purpose using our curated resources, as you identify and release limiting beliefs, patterns, and obstacles that are hindering your personal and professional growth.

Connect with like-minded growth-seekers within our vibrant soul-led community. Share your journey, celebrate your milestones, and receive invaluable support, encouragement, and inspiration from fellow members. This is more than a program; it’s your MAP to personal and professional growth.


Your growth awaits

  • Personalized Guidance and Mentorship: Anik Malenfant, our seasoned leader, is here to light your path. With her personalized mentorship, you’ll navigate your journey with clarity and purpose.
  • Monthly Group Healing Sessions: Join us for our transformative group healing sessions. Together, we’ll clear blocks, seed goals, and foster deep-level healing.
  • Access to Top Digital Programs: Dive into our curated digital programs designed to support your growth journey and empower your self-mastery.
  • Extensive Healing Meditation Library: Explore our library of guided meditations for healing, relaxation, and inner alignment. It’s your sanctuary for finding peace within.
  • Curated Resources for Self-Discovery: Navigate your inner landscape with our curated resources. From belief-shifting questionnaires to soulful guidebooks, you’ll find clarity and purpose.
  • Vibrant Soul-Led Community Support: Connect with fellow growth-seekers in our vibrant community. Share your journey, celebrate milestones, and find encouragement every step of the way.

Program Features

  • Personalized Guidance and Mentorship from Anik Malenfant.
  • Monthly Group Healing Sessions – Live & Interactive.
  • Access to Top Digital Programs.
  • Extensive Healing Meditation Library.
  • Curated Resources for Self-Discovery.
  • Vibrant Soul-Led Community Support.


What our members have to share:

“Your webinars and teachings seem to be always spot on and I appreciate how you effortlessly explain complex ideals and bring me back to making my reality a better experience.”
Thanks Anik!
~ Nancy C.

“Thank you! A lifetime of learning, talent and support all rolled into a powerful, easy to digest hour! Wonderful”

~Marion Deschênes

“I quickly learned there is a ton of information in there! I discovered hours and hours of webinars that will keep me watching for awhile. I love this extra support that Anik provides, and its convenient to have the webinars available to be re-watched at my leisure.”

~ Stacy Underhill


“The Mentorship Program is really great, the beliefs archive you made is really helpful for healers & gives good hints too, I’m happy that I found you.”

~ Raghad Albeaiwi, ThetaHealing instructor

“I’ve been a part of the mentorship program for about a year and I don’t know what I’d do without it…I love the healing, meditations, downloads, and materials. It’s well worth it!!”

~Tina Lutes

“The Mentorship program is well worth it. Just the live webcasts each month is worth more than Monthly subscription fee, plus all the videos and learning in the library that are at your fingertips. I love it and watch the videos often, especially if I am dealing with an issue myself or with a client. It is an amazing library of resources to help you in all areas of your Life!”

~ Kim Eagles, Best Selling Author, Owner Kaos Solutions


Join us today and experience the transformative power of the Soul-Led Self-Discovery Mentorship Program as you confidently stride towards your authentic self and the abundant life that awaits your embrace.

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